Below are just a few of the many client's emails that have touched my heart :) I feel so grateful and blessed for you to trust me so much and let me into your lives… I am so honored to be your photographer! Thank you each and every one of you… <3


"This photo session is different than other photo sessions I’ve done with you. It shows our daily story in ways I’ve never been able to see before. From napping, snacks, reading, coloring and painting, it really captures the beauty in our normal, everyday life. I didn’t know what to expect going into this, but once again, you have blown me away with the unique way you were able to show our loving connection in the comfort of our own home. I see Raegan playing and jumping around everyday, but looking at it in a picture form gave me an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for the beautiful life I have with my little girl. I do not get to see how Raegan and I interact, so having these pictures will be a constant reminder of the connection I share with Raegan and will always be something I can look back on with immense happiness. Thank you, again and again, for capturing these. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again… your talent goes beyond words. There is no one like you! xoxo -Janelle"

"... As I searched for a newborn photographer in Denver your work absolutely stood above any other photographer’s work that I could find. When I ran across your website I immediately knew that I wanted to have you photograph our baby girl. I have always dreamed to have my baby photographed in this way. The art behind your newborn photography is fascinating to me. As a child, I was in love with Anne Geddes photography. I had all of her books. Your work reminded me of her work.

Marina, you were immensely helpful during the preparation process as well as photo session. I was impressed that you had spent over a couple of hours with me when we first met to discuss doing a session. Then you spent a lot of time with me making sure colors were right, that you were taking shots that I would personally connect with and making sure I like the background and props. I wanted to capture the love of us as parents and then I also wanted beautiful photos of her. And you took to heart the photos that I sent you via Pinterest and you made it your mission to ensure that captured exactly what we wanted.

The results are fantastic. You captured incredible photos of our little angel and we will cherish these photos forever. Your work is art that is well beyond photography. How you mold the baby and work with the baby during the session is truly amazing. I am in awe of your talent and the work that you produce.

The session captures a complete change in our lives. It is incredibly special to welcome our little girl into our lives. Words can’t describe the feeling..." - Kendee

"I found Marina by pure LUCK online. She is AMAZING! She made me (and my husband) so comfortable. She took her time and was very patient. The photos were BEAUTIFUL! With five kids, I have had TONS of experience with MANY different photographers. I have NEVER been so satisfied with anyone else! The pictures were AMAZING and Marina was WONDERFUL! Pictures are priceless and the experience should be, too! Marina is one of the only photographers I have EVER met who is in the business for the right reason...BECAUSE SHE LOVES IT! It was never about the money she was to make, just about us and our special moment! Now that I found her, I will never go anywhere else! I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone!" - Adrienne

"As a new grandparent to two beautiful grandson twins, I realize the importance of capturing the beauty in a new born child and all stages of children as they grow. I wanted to begin to save the memories of the newcomers to our family now. Precious moments are too important to let time take away from us. Marina shares this same vision even at her youthful age, and I am thankful she has the same desire, understanding, patience and the professional experience that it takes to create that same vision. Marina has made my dream come true. Thanks Marina!" - Grandpa Ron‎

"…I would like to thank you for a fantastic job you did for us on Saturday! You are very thorough and you did your job very well! You not only directed you attention to the final product but also was very attentive to each of us and our needs. I am extremely pleased with your work and I am very happy I chose to use you as our photographer. Thank you very much!" – Andrew

"We had a wonderful experience with Marina! Marina was very patient with our 10 day old baby girl! She had everything that we needed to make us comfortable. Our little one kept waking up during the session to be nursed and Marina was so thoughtful to have a rocking chair for me to have privacy; Marina had very good ideas to make the poses look good, our friends and family are raving over all the cute poses! Thank you for a wonderful experience! We will be using you again and would recommend to anyone!" - Amanda‎

"Marina helped us capture the strong family bond between my husband and my daughter, and also our new miracle Levi. The studio was set up very prepared for babies and very relaxing and enjoyable. We were very very impressed with how well Marina handled Levi at just a few days old. He slept through a lot of different poses and it was because Marina has a touch with children almost like a children whisper! We will 100% be using Marina in the future to capture more amazing family moments and our bond!! Thank you so much Marina!"‎ - Amy

"My parents decided to have professional pictures taken of our newborn twin boys as a gift. Marina was extremely professional in every way. She was very kind, gentle and patient with both boys. She was willing to take the extra time and patience it took to get the look we were after. The atmosphere of her studio was perfect and very accommodating to newborns. Her studio has a changing table, rocking chair, warm wipes and plenty of hand sanitizer to provide a comfortable environment for her clients. I would recommend dressing for warmth and bring extra clothes for yourself in case of unexpected accidents. She also provides a variety of nice props to choose from. I would definitely recommend her to anyone. Thanks Marina!‎" - Matt

"Wow!!! My husband and I had a fabulous time with Marina. We first came to Marina for our maternity photos. She did an excellent job capturing this precious time in our lives. And we felt very welcomed. We then came to her for our daughters first infant photo shoot when she was 7 days old. The atmosphere was very warm, perfect for my newborn baby. The rocking chair, changing table, wipe warmer, hand sanitizer were very useful and made us feel very comfortable. We were so pleased with the way the photos came out, so we came back for her 6 month photos. We loved all Marina's props, especially the knitted props (all those hats and tutus are so adorable)! We can't wait to come back for her one year photo shoot! We would recommend Marina to anyone!"‎ - Jackie

"My family and I had a wonderful experience with Marina! She was very patient with all of us and indulged our every whim. We absolutely love the beautiful pictures she took and we look forward to working with her again in the future. Thanks Marina!"‎ - Michelle

"We recently had photos taken by Marina of our newborn daughter and they turned out lovely! Marina was very patient with our crying baby and even helped sooth her at one point! You would never know our baby spent at least a half hour in tears, because she looks so peaceful and happy in the pictures. We did not feel rushed at all and that really helped us all stay calm and relaxed. She even took some family portraits as well! We chose some picture from the (many!) proofs and Marina was able to re-touch them to perfection (no more wrinkles!) They look AMAZING and I would put all of them up on my walls if I had the room! I highly recommend Marina!"‎ - Kristie