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Why do I do what I do?

...Bearing a loss of a dearly loved one to a lung cancer at a young age - seemed random, unexpected and momentarily. The legacy of carefully preserved heirlooms (photographs that she had taken of my sister and I) is my only everlasting connection that I treasure.

... Moving 5,697 mi away from my family in Europe 13 years ago, motivates me to stay even more connected with my family by any means I have.

...Now being a mother to a 10 year old, I want to be present in the moment and celebrate our lives while preserving those memories in a beautiful way for my daughter to remember.

I realize how greatly important it is to me and the families I photograph. Just like my clients, I believe, I am an involved parent trying to provide the best for my daughter. I always make it a point to photograph her every year to capture things that symbolize those fleeting moments of her childhood (she loved band aids at 2, reading and jewlery at 7, loves to do tricks on swings and bars now...). In a meantime, I am creating a legacy of treasured heirlooms as well as staying connected with the rest of my family by sharing photographs of our ever changing lives.

Just like mine, your family's history is continually changing. And I am grateful to be allowed to witness such a private part of your life - family. I am proud to respect and honor that privacy. I am so happy to be of service and create a legacy of heirlooms for your family to cherish.